Health & Safety

The health and safety of our teachers and the children in our care is our top priority at Bright Beginnings. We are proud to maintain high health and safety standards while also maintaining a caring and nurturing learning environment. When your child is in our care you can trust we have taken every precaution to ensure their safety!

Safety and Security

  • Our building is always kept locked with a secure point of entry for parents and visitors. Only authorized staff and families may enter the building using our keypad entry system. Visitors must be previously approved and present a valid ID to enter.   
  • Playgrounds are fenced in and secured with gates to ensure children can play safely outdoors.
  • Classroom ratios are maintained and monitored throughout the day.
  • Privacy and release policy

Health Practices

  • All toys, manipulatives, and equipment are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day with weekly deep cleanings.
  • Toys and equipment are age appropriate and specifically designed for children’s safety.
  • Exclusion policies for children and staff members who experience symptoms of illness.
  • Frequent, proper handwashing procedures for all children and staff members. 
  • As an Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsed center we go above and beyond the childcare standards to provide a safe and healthy environment.


  • All Teachers are certified in Adult and Pediatric CPR & First Aid.
  • Ongoing Health and Safety trainings. 
  • Mandatory Background checks
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